Electro film introduced by Globe Group known for their expertise in Film Capacitors since last 25 years. The Plant is state-of-the-art with machinery from Germany and Korea. The emphasis of the group is ‘Quality First’.

Zinc Alloy Metallized Plastic Films for Capacitors

“ELECTRO “Zinc Alloy” is a high vacuum multilayer METALLIZED film obtained by composition of aluminum + zinc. This” film exalts the particular characteristics of aluminum and zinc. avoiding the most restrictive aspects of the single elements. Mainly the success of this multilayer METALLIZED film is due to its special quality and its electrical and “mechnical performances. Metallizing process take place by, simultaneously evaporation. from separate sources. the metals that condense on the film.”

The final deposit is a compound: Aluminum provides to increase the anchorage of the metallization on film and “prevention of oxidation for the zinc external layer. zinc for his own special qualities exalts the capacitors life.”

Principal characteristics of the film are:

  • High self healing
  • High electric contact due to spraying
  • No decrease of  capacitance even on the long run use
  • Cost saving & compactness of the capacitor.

All our Films are PLASMA treated.