GCM series are cylindrical case designed for use in motor run applications . These are used for various electrical Appliances like washing machines, air conditioners, water pumps etc.

Salient Features

Low dissipation factor

Long property time
Self healing Properties Low Inductance
High insulation Resistance


IEC – 60252 – 2001

CSA – 22.2
IS – 2993 – 1998 UL – 810


Dielectric – Polypropylene

Element-Non inductive type, wound by high speed fully automatic controlled winding machines with MPP Films (Metallic & Polypropelene)

Filling- UL Approved Epoxy Resin (Self-extinguishing UL-94 VO Grade)

Case- PP / PBT material rated minimum UL 94 V-O, 850 C (mechanical without impact).

Terminals- (Quick Control Terminals)

#250AMP (width 6.35 mm)                                          style:2X2 Terminals or

#187AMP (width 4.75 mm)                                          style:1X2 Terminals

Lead Wire

PVC Insulated Wire AWM, 18 AWG 600V, 1050 C


UL           Compliance with UL 810. File 212328

CSA Compliance with CSA C22.2 No.190 File 212328

CE           Class B for 250V/C ; Class C for 450 V/C


General sine-wave AC “MOTOR  RUN” for Air Conditioner Compressor etc..

Technical Specifications

According to IEC 60252:2001

Safety Standards in accordance with UL 810 for Construction.

Compliance with Canadian Certificate Mark for performance and safety in accordance with CSA.

Capacitance Tolerance Standard): +/- 5%

Climate Category: 40 / 85 / 21 In accordance with IEC 60068-1.

Dissipation Factor: tan ø at 200 C<0.2 %.

Rated Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz.

Insulation Voltage Terminal to Case 2000 VAC for 1 minute.

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