GCD Series are cylindrical case designed for use in motor run applications and are popular in Washing Machines.

Salient Features

Low dissipation factor

Self – healing Properties

High insulation Resistance


IEC – 60252 – 1993

IS – 2993 – 1998


Dielectric – Polypropylene

Element – Non inductive type, wound by high speed fully automatic controlled winding machines.

Filling –Polyurethane resin.

Case- Aluminum can, PP can.

Terminals- Four wires Terminals are based on customized Design requirements. The PVC wires are HR grades.


Customized design for Dual Capacitance for specific applications depending on machine/motor design.

Connecting Options are based on customized design.


General sine-wave AC “MOTOR  RUN”

Technical Specifications

According to IEC 60252.

Capacitance Tolerance Standard): +/- 5%

Climate Category: 40 / 85 / 21 In accordance with IEC 60068-1.

Dissipation Factor: tan ø at 200 C <0.2 %.

Capacitance Range : Table below is only a typical illustrations of some of the products Produced, any combinations are acceptable.

Insulation Resistance : Aluminum can constructions are provided with high insulation resistance.

Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz.

Insulation voltage between Terminal to case and between Capacitor to capacitor 2000 VAC.

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